The Particular Finest

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The Cryptodystopia

Tech, as an industry, is splitting.

On the one half, you have people like me — people who looked at cryptocurrency and NFTs, at the massive environmental costs that these, technologies isn’t the right word, but fine, and saw them for the scam they are.

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Resentment, or, on Trains


am pretty fucked up.

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I Got Cited

So here’s fun

Today I learned that Contempt Culture, the deeply important critical look at tech culture, was cited in a study.

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The 2010s

I wanted to write a retrospective on the 2010s, a summary of everything from moving to New Zealand (It’s been about a decade! How weird!), the games I’ve played and the books I’ve read and maybe some rumination on my career and the life I’ve been having.

And I can write some of that retrospective, since the 2010s were deeply affecting in so many ways.

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Dark Souls 3

I don’t like Dark Souls 3.

I’ve been depressed for a lot of the last, let’s say 4 years as of this writing, often to a level best described as nonfunctional”. During that time, as well as playing too much Destiny 2 (but that’s an essay for another time), I played through Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls Remastered.

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One Last Journey

So Spiritfarer, the latest game from Thunder Lotus, came out just the other day.

It’s an absolutely beautiful sidescroller with hand-drawn animation and art and it’s just a wonder to look at. The music is an exceptional composition by Max LL, who scored their last game Sundered (which I also loved).

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On Cloud Island, Finishing Something, and Federation

On May 14, 2020, my company Eiara launched Cloud Island, a Mastodon instance hosted entirely in New Zealand.

It’s a huge achievement for me to have built something that I’d been thinking about and wanting to have for such a long time, a somewhere that’s not Twitter, with its singular drive towards advertising engagement maximisation. A somewhere that puts its customers first, rejecting the idea that we have to give up our spaces for corporate ends.

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Working from Home

It’s 2020, coronavirus is Intense Af, social distancing is in effect everywhere, and more and more businesses are making the sensible call of Work From Home!”


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I used to write.

I used to have a space carved out in my life where words poured through nib gently rested upon smooth paper, and ink stained my fingers.

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The Relentless Tedium of Chasm

I want to preface this piece with, I adore Metroidvania games. My first was Metroid II on the Gameboy waaaaaaaay back in the early 1990s, and I played it through … more times than I can remember, actually.

I loved the Metroid Prime series. I’ve loved other games in this genre space.

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