The Particular Finest

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One Last Journey

So Spiritfarer, the latest game from Thunder Lotus, came out just the other day.

It’s an absolutely beautiful sidescroller with hand-drawn animation and art and it’s just a wonder to look at. The music is an exceptional composition by Max LL, who scored their last game Sundered (which I also loved).

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On Cloud Island, Finishing Something, and Federation

On May 14, 2020, my company Eiara launched Cloud Island, a Mastodon instance hosted entirely in New Zealand.

It’s a huge achievement for me to have built something that I’d been thinking about and wanting to have for such a long time, a somewhere that’s not Twitter, with its singular drive towards advertising engagement maximisation. A somewhere that puts its customers first, rejecting the idea that we have to give up our spaces for corporate ends.

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Working from Home

It’s 2020, coronavirus is Intense Af, social distancing is in effect everywhere, and more and more businesses are making the sensible call of Work From Home!”


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I used to write.

I used to have a space carved out in my life where words poured through nib gently rested upon smooth paper, and ink stained my fingers.

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The Relentless Tedium of Chasm

I want to preface this piece with, I adore Metroidvania games. My first was Metroid II on the Gameboy waaaaaaaay back in the early 1990s, and I played it through … more times than I can remember, actually.

I loved the Metroid Prime series. I’ve loved other games in this genre space.

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Tomb Raider (2018)

So, I watched the new Tomb Raider movie over the weekend, and, it was good!

It was a silly action-adventure romp that had considerable nods to Indiana Jones, to the videogame reboot, and to the original videogames.

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A Year in Review, Jan 28 to Mar 18


So much for my goal of regularity when it came to these posts. The data is all being collected in the background, but it doesn’t make me sit down and actually write it like I’m supposed to.

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On Forced Complicity in Games

So. I have some thoughts about videogames I’ve played recently, specifically smaller narrative-centric games colloquially named walking simulators”.

This post is going to dive into the internal narratives and conclusions for several games, so

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A Year in Review, Jan 21 to Jan 28

Not a lot this week due to BEING VERY TIRED and doing prep work for a talk.


Time Played: 6.4 hours

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A Year in Review, Jan 14 to Jan 21


Time Played: 55 minutes

Yeah, giving up on this game. Might spend the weekend that it’d take to grind out the victory? Probably not.

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