The Particular Finest

Presented by aurynn shaw


Short Version

I didn’t like it. The misogyny aspect was a bit overblown, but made for great Internet controversy.

Well, except for spoiler turning the strong lady sniper from the beginning of the movie into, and I wish I were joking, a secretary.

Because field work, you see, isn’t for everyone. Like beautiful women Bond can hit on; very much not for them.

Overall, it was boring, uninspired, and lacked any sense of soul.

The Longer Version

I felt Skyfall was … Uninspired. Boring. Lacking in that je nas sai quoi that brings a piece above its core components.

Nothing about it really captures my imagination, captures my heart.

The best I can say is it was certainly a movie.”

More recently I saw Argo, an exemplary spy/espinonage film that both wove strong suspense and humorous flummery elegantly; I was also able to watch the original Italian Job recently. Both films have something, a force that pulled me in and gave the events weight. They were stories that advanced human culture, if only slightly.

The story mattered. Skyfall? Nothing mattered.

In fact, much of it seemed to be solely to provide for new movies later; adding Moneypenny and retrospective M offices, harking back to the old days.

Moneypenny, the sniper who took the shot? Reduced to a secretary, in a pretty dress, spouting deeply internalised sexism that, somehow, she’s not suitable for fieldwork.

Her driving was perfectly suitable. Her taking the shot she needed to, perfectly suitable.

She, perfectly suitable.

The Shower Scene

A lot was made of the shower scene; one article I can no longer find accused Bond of raping her.

My initial response was, this is completely overblown. She appears quite enthusiastic in her response when Bond appears in her shower, and she was clearly waiting for him in an engaging robe beforehand.

Further thought, as well has her history, makes me think that there’s some useful shards in the Internet controversy. She’s ex-sex-trade, and Bond promised to get her out. This may be the only way she feels able to pay” for his kindness.

Nothing is ever without cost, in her world. Does Bond take advantage of that?

Murdering the Woman

50-year old Macallan. A particular favourite of yours, if I’m not mistaken.”

The Big Bad proceeds to balance the glass upon her head. The first to knock it from her head, wins!”

Bond shoots for the glass; misses. His shot goes wide.

Big Bad shoots her in the stomach; knocking her over. Glass tumbles.

Bond’s reply? A waste of good scotch.”

He sounds shocked, appalled; stunned that someone would be so cavalier. But with life, or with the product?

I believe Bond was dealt an emotional blow; that his words were the only thing he could think of to not tip his hand as to the violence he next commits.

Killing a woman over a drink wasn’t the way to demonstrate that blow.

I’d wait for it to come up on TV. It’s not worth renting.