The Particular Finest

Presented by aurynn shaw


Homefront is a game. A terribly-written first-person shooter written by Kaos Studios and Digital Extremes.

I can’t really state how awful the story in this game is. In it, North Korea takes over South Korea, Japan, and goes from there. The Greater Korea Republic” is really a thing that this game puts forth as a result of US military withdrawal from Iraq. The pro-military axe being ground here is immense.

As Jacobs” we run around and shoot Korean soldiers and, so far, American survivalists in typical CODBLOPS-style cover and shoot style; enemies fall after a couple of shots and switching weapons is a frequent requirement due to limited ammunition.

It’s awful, so very awful, but I can’t look away. Were it satirical it would be easier to take such pleasure in it, but it takes itself so very, very seriously, ending up akin to a propaganda mouthpiece that’s not allowed to take the piss out of itself.

The AI isn’t terrible; they tend to ignore your immortal companions and focus solely on the player, and those same companions spend much of their time yelling at you to move up. In spite of the raging firefight that you’re trying to dodge.

More than once I’ve had to ask Wait, how did the three of us do that when an entire army couldn’t before?”


Nothing more than $5; the awful is entertaining but it’s not worth promoting beyond that.