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Android, an Update

In my previous article about my Nexus 4, I remarked loudly on the lack of useful music sync on the Android platform.

Google Music has finally launched here; I can use the streaming and song-upload service if I felt so inclined. I don’t, for a variety of reasons. Other streaming services I’ve seen focus on their library, rather than my library; Spotify or Pandora, for example.

On my Galaxy S, I’d used DoubleTwist to handle music sync; plug in over USB, music gets pulled from iTunes and dropped onto my phone.

As part of Jelly Bean Google changed USB access models, and Mass Storage mode went away.

However, DoubleSync also offers an AirSync upgrade for their on-handset app; with it, you can connect over local WiFi and sync your music through the magic of networks.

Of course, it’s terribly slow and nigh-unusable.

The search continues.