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Announcement, I MADE A THING

So yesterday I wrote about how I haven’t felt like I can ship anything lately, and how Aperture got in the way of my shipping things, and Lightroom doesn’t.

Lightroom gave me good tools to interact with my main photo sharing outlet, 500px, gave me a way to really engage, meaningfully, with my work and my need to share that work.

Today I’d like to announce that I released a book of my photography on titled Linear A, and you can go and look at it and browse through the images and enjoy some of my words.

Here’s the link again: Linear A, by Aurynn Shaw. Me.

So excite, much ecstatic

Me. I. Aurynn. Made photos that are good and flow together and have a message and are good and I am proud of them.

I spent weeks driving Lightroom to forge that flow, adjusting and developing the work. My work. MY work.

Being able to point at something that I made and released and am proud of has been a huge boost to my energy and sense of self-esteem. I’m able to feel proud of something that other people are responding to, and responding to positively.

I’ve missed this feeling, missed the knowledge that I am able to make things, complete them, release them and have them be good.

I can know that I am capable, no matter what the impostor syndrome tells me. I can do things, and I’m not a failure.

I released something, and it’s good, and I’m going to go and do it again.