The Particular Finest

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A New Place

Hello, and welcome to The Particular Finest 2.0.

You may have noticed that we had an outage for a while! I discovered, much to my chagrin and annoyance, that my previous host Scriptogram had shut down without much of a notification that they were doing so.

I’d always it was a matter of time. Scriptogram didn’t charge any money for the service, and running services costs money to keep the servers up and the bandwidth flowing. But it’s always easier to do nothing than to migrate when there’s no pressing need, and even though other Dropbox-backed blogging engines existed before Scriptogram failed I didn’t feel an urgent pressure to move.

The content you’re now reading is on, a paid service for doing the Dropbox-backed static blog.

My nice theme is being migrated over, so you’ll be seeing that soon. I’m also in a bit of a better place and have a few more spoons to start, you know, actually blogging again.

Welcome back!