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Why Can't We Have Nice Things

A few months ago there was an announcement about a new Ghostbusters movie. This is interesting, Ghostbusters was a fun movie back in the day and it’d be neat to see a modern take on it. Great.

Even cooler was the fact that the Ghostbusters team was going to be entirely composed of women. Excellent! The lack of gender diversity is hugely glaring, and the growing awareness of how awful things are is resulting in positive steps like this.

I’m happy, but of course there’s a never-endingly whiny contingent of entitled men proclaiming that ACTUALLY THIS IS THE REAL SEXISM. I’m not going to link to any of it because, really, who wants to read that kind of dreck?

But I’m happy with Ghostbusters, and life carries on.

Until the other day, when Sony decides to announce that they’re booting Another Ghostbusters Movie.

And I’m just


Go read that article, it’s a great summation of why this is hugely problematic.

Or, as someone on Metafilter (paraphrased) said: Instead of having The Ghostbusters, which happened to star women, now we have Ghostbusters and Lady Ghostbusters.”