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Linear A

Oh hey

So you saw my post about Fly not that long ago, with the announced ebook that you can go look at right now! It’s pretty awesome stuff.

But a lot of people don’t know that this isn’t my first book!

Fly is my third collection of work. My first collection was made to help me own a sense of achievement and victory, and my second was a collaboration, resulting in a book of Photo Poetry of New Zealand.

My first work holds a lot of meaning to me. It’s the first time I ever went through the agony of trying to filter a meaningful collection out of a lot of random photographs and started learning the skills around making coherent works.

Not very many people have seen my first book. It sold 14 physical copies, was never published in as a free ebook as Fly has been and the images are meant to be in a collection, not standalone.

Until today.

Today I’d like to share my first ever work, the first book I ever made, Linear A.

You can download it right here, for free, right now.