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Civ 6

So you may have see Civilisation 6 get announced recently, complete with fancily animated trailer narrated by the delightful gravel of Sean Bean. Exceedingly nice stuff!

But, well, how do I say this?

After Beyond Earth I really can’t say that I’m excited to play a new Civilisation game. as you may have read I wasn’t a big fan of Beyond Earth, as it failed to capture the magic of Alpha Centauri and was best described as Civ 5, but in space.” Read the full post if you care to hear more about why I was sad about Beyond Earth.

Reviews of the expansion are that it fixed some of the problems in the base game, and (naturally) introduced others.

I worry that Firaxis has lost the plot when it comes to Civ games, and that this latest iteration will, similarly to Beyond Earth, fail to be anything but a drab reminder of the greatness that once was Civ, and how far we’ve now fallen.

And after Stellaris, I’m not sure I actually care if Firaxis still has it.