The Particular Finest

Presented by aurynn shaw

A Year in Review, Jan 01 to Jan 07


Time Played: 4.7 hours

Started playing Stellaris again, after a fairly long haitus. Stellaris is … I like it, (previously, previouslier), it’s a fun grand epic space game. It’s sucking me back in for another round, as I get excited for the new expansion.

Fallout 4

Time Played: 4.5 hours

Started playing Fallout 4 through again, on PC this time around. It’s super pretty, much more lovely than I remember it being on console. I’ve been running with a bunch of mods to make settlements better, and some graphics updates, and other quality-of-life improvements.

The story remains as shallow as a puddle, but the rest is beautiful, entertaining and full of great shooting.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Time Played: 2.7 hours


I see why this won awards, but… but… it didn’t catch me nearly to the level of Night in the Woods, my 2017 game of the year. I also have a bunch of feelings I’m still trying to assemble around the (spoilers) forced complicity in the deaths and traumas that fill the stories.


Time Played: 1 hour

0.16 came out. Gave it a spin. It’s definitely still Factorio, aka catnip for anyone who likes being sad about logistics. (Turns out: I do). I often feel like I’ve exhausted Factorio, but I keep … getting sucked back in.