The Particular Finest

Presented by aurynn shaw

A Year in Review, Jan 21 to Jan 28

Not a lot this week due to BEING VERY TIRED and doing prep work for a talk.


Time Played: 6.4 hours

Factorio is … I love this game. I hate this game. This game is so much catnip, I often describe it as being sad about logistics”.

It’s great.

I’m playing a new save right now where everything is super hard, takes many more resources than normal, and it’s great but also miserable but also a lot more fun to have to carefully nurse a factory into being able to take the next steps.

So good.


Time Played: 47 minutes

Just started playing this. It’s super pretty, especially on the Filmic” grading setting. I’m just having a bit of fun tootling around in the starter area.