The Particular Finest

Presented by aurynn shaw


What is The Particular Finest?

The Particular Finest is my space for introspection and metacognition; this is where I can write out what I think about a particular subject, why, and how I reached that conclusion.

Everything that ends up on the Finest, I’ve spent considerable time thinking about, researching, and attempting to build a solid mental model around.

By asking myself why I do things, I can start to change the behaviours I don’t like. Adjusting ourselves, processes that seem to work, is worth sharing.

Why in Public?

I’ve grown up on the Internet; I’ve listened to Jason Scott and Sir Tim Berners-Lee speak on the nature of information online; speak of the conversation we’re all a part of.

The Internet is being archived for history. The voices of today will be in history books tomorrow. We don’t write letters or diaries as was done a century and a half ago; the world of newspapers and media outlets as mechanisms of control is dying.

By writing these words, by exploring myself in public, I’m part of the future, of history, and a conversation worth having.

If what I see in myself reminds you of your own actions, then together we’ve made something better. That’s worth a great deal to me.

Why Don’t I Have Comments?

I read a study that any toxic comments under an article contributed to readers being significantly more polarised as a result.

I talk of empathy and challenging our social narratives; challenging that requires a space where you don’t need to feel threatened by others’ words, spouting their shoulds against you.

Instead, it’s just me. The conversation happens on the Web itself or Twitter. But it doesn’t, and won’t, happen here.