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So I Wrote that Thing

In my last post about gaming stuff, I wrote about how I wanted to write a program to scrape the Steam API and store it so I could look back on the year and see what I’d done.

I finally did that thing. Coming in the following weeks will be regular updates on what I played in the last week, what I think about it, and so on and so forth. Should be good times!

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Gaming, 2017 Edition

I keep meaning to write these posts, this commentary on the games that most affected me, most touched me, were most present and prevalent in my life through the year.

I keep forgetting to do so. I wrote a program to scrape Steam and keep track of what I’ve played, but I never deployed it. I tried to wield the Playstation Network API to scrape what I’ve played and when, but the API no longer publishes that information. (Thanks Sony. Thony.)

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Joke Accounts and the BOFH are Garbage

You might be familiar with tech joke accounts on Twitter, stuff like PHP CEO and I Am Devloper. These are accounts meant to poke fun at specific stereotypes of people in the tech community, in these cases an ignorant CEO and an incompetent developer, by posting concepts that echo strongly within the experiences of people within tech.

And I came across a tweet on my timeline today, from the I Am Devloper account: and my first (and continued) response has been 😡, because this sort of thing is not okay.

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The That Guy Effect

If you got to see my talk about Human Driven Development at WDCNZ or LCA, you’ll remember that one of the concepts that I brought up was the idea of That Guy”, the team member that has great technical knowledge but no one really wants to talk to.

This idea was one of the parts of that talk that resonated really well with a lot of people, where a lot of people could identify where they had had to work with That Guy, and where they had unfortunately ended up as That Guy.

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The (Deep) Time Of Your Life

So one of the things that I keep getting asked about is when I refer to my past and my future as different people. I speak of the intents of my past, the situations she’s left me in and the struggles I face because of her.

I do this because past-aurynn is a real force in my life, a person who had hopes and goals and dreams but with whom I cannot hold a conversation. I can’t talk to her, share my triumphs or my failures, can’t ask her if it’s everything we hoped it would be.

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Ceci n'est pas une pipeline problem

This post was originally a tweetstorm! You can find the original tweetstorm right here.

Okay let’s dig into this, which is a blog post where he’s talking about the fallout around the recent, ragingly sexist 31c0n (which I’m not linking to from here).

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More Fun with Terraform Templates

So you may have noticed last time that I said I’m trying to create complex JSON objects from within Terraform.

In this case, I really want to be able to create an AWS ECS container definition, which looks a bit like this (copied from the AWS docs, here)

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Fun with Terraform Template Rendering

One of the things I do as part of Eiara is write a lot of Terraform, an infrastructure definition language, to provide a sensible baseline cloud instantiation of infrastructure and resources.

I’m quite fond of Terraform as a tool, even though it still has a decent number of weirdnesses and edge cases. If you haven’t seen it you should look at Charity’s Blog about Terraform for a great rundown on those issues. It’s quite powerful, and really works well with how I think to enable me to express exactly what I’m thinking.

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Trusting Trust

The tech industry is an interesting place. On the one hand, we have the old guard, the 80s-driven hacker culture” that drips with contempt culture and ivory tower silo mentalities.

On the other hand, we’re seeing a revolution in our culture in the form of DevOps. a DevOps is interesting in that it looks like it’s about tools, but in a complete head fake we see that nothing about DevOps is about our tools, but instead everything about how we work and how our teams function, both internally and externally.

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Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is rife, endemic even, in the tech industry, leaving so many of us feeling like we don’t belong, like we’re just one minor screwup or lack of knowledge from being outed as the frauds that we feel we are.

At the end of February, 2017, a Twitter thread started happening, where people in the tech community, prominent individuals who are widely seen as experts speaking up on all the things they can’t do, that they have to regularly look up, ask about, or otherwise make them feel like they’re not a real engineer.

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