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Secondary Effects

So, we all know about contempt culture nowadays, the effect that we’re building status on top of displays of contempt and showing that we’re holders of the right” knowledge.

But this has some unfortunate side effects that result, that I’ve been starting to notice.

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Human Driven Development at LCA


So, in case you missed it last time, I was honoured to be invited to keynote WOOTConf at on Monday, and was able to give an updated version of my talk Human Driven Development”

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That PHP Graph

So by now you’ve probably seen this graph bouncing around the tech conversation in the last couple of days. It’s interesting data science! It’s a great way to see the sorts of trends around how people program and how people are learning to program.

You may have also encountered this idea of contempt culture that I’ve spoken about earlier, where tech communities use on demonstrating contempt towards tools outside what’s acceptable” in their group as a proxy for belonging to that group.

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Watching me Talk

Hey cool people!

Back in late July, I was honoured to get to speak at WDCNZ here in Wellington, and my talk was on the culture of technology and how contempt culture damages our communities and creates hostile and unpleasant environments.

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A Collected Set of Data


As a business aurynn, I keep finding out about conferences far too late to either submit to them or even attend.

Case in point: NDC in Sydney next week (Aug 1-5) that I found out about on Jul 28.

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Your Team In Four Dimensions

So I had a meeting the other day, where a really interesting term came up, that of temporal teams”.

In the context of the conversation, we were discussing teams that come together to achieve some goal, but disband after the project is completed. It’s a model that’s used extensively in the film industry, where contractors are brought together for the project and part ways at the end.

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Linear A

Oh hey

So you saw my post about Fly not that long ago, with the announced ebook that you can go look at right now! It’s pretty awesome stuff.

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Stellaris, an Update

So the Clarke” update for Stellaris came and went, and I gave it another go after my initial enjoyment of playing Space Kitties Bastards Edition, wherein I was a domineering warlike species that was busy subjugating half the galaxy.

It was fun. 😀

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

I’ve had this game in my library for a while now, having initially wishlisted it for an interesting intro trailer. Puzzle solving murders? Wandering around a beautifully realised village in the Pacific Northwest? Why yes, yes please.

I didn’t play the original version, opting for the more recently released redux” version, touting improvements to the checkpoints, graphical upgrades, and fixes to an area.”

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A Pile of Things

So I recently went on a trip to the Northlands in New Zealand, around the Whagarei region which is about a two hour drive north of Auckland. Auckland is its own entertaining adventure in sprawl, so 2 hours” is sort of from city centre, but also sort of not.

But I digress.

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