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So if you’ve noticed me on Twitter recently, I’ve been talking about the project I’ve slowly been working on in my Infinite Free Time1.

It’s called Fly, and you can download the ebook right here, right now. There’s also a pre-order up on my store, right here, if you’d like to own a physical copy of the work.

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Civ 6

So you may have see Civilisation 6 get announced recently, complete with fancily animated trailer narrated by the delightful gravel of Sean Bean. Exceedingly nice stuff!

But, well, how do I say this?

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A Day with Stellaris

So you might not have heard of the new Paradox title Stellaris, the new 4X game launched earlier this month. And that wouldn’t be unexpected, really, as Paradox has previously been known for developing the inscrutably deep Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings series, both of which I bounced off of pretty thoroughly.

But Stellaris is new, and is possibly well-described as Europa Universalis in Space”, but you should ask EU aficionados about the accuracy of that statement. It’s a 4X title, where you grow your empire from a single homeworld to an imperial juggernaut whose mere presence causes lesser states to tremble. You design your spaceships, you can play as a variety of Space Creatures (such as molluscs, and insects, and mammals), and even design your own species! I went with a race of Space Kitties named the Kilrathi, but we’ve drifted somewhat from the original ideal.

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Contempt Culture

So when I started programming in 2001, it was du jour in the communities I participated in to be highly critical of other languages. Other languages sucked, the people using them were losers or stupid, if they would just use a real language, such as the one we used, everything would just be better.


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So I Started a Business

So as you noticed, I’ve not really been blogging very much since March, and there’s a really good reason for it.

And that reason is I started a company, Eiara Devops. I’ve been running for the last 7 months, since the beginning of April, and it’s been a huge amount of fun and stress, but as all small businesses do it expanded to occupy all the time in the world.

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A New Place

Hello, and welcome to The Particular Finest 2.0.

You may have noticed that we had an outage for a while! I discovered, much to my chagrin and annoyance, that my previous host Scriptogram had shut down without much of a notification that they were doing so.

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100% Schmundred percent

I spoke about Ori the other day, and I still stand by all those words. It’s beautiful and wonderful and magical in all sorts of good ways.

It’s also deeply, immensely frustrating. Let’s talk a bit about why.

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(Almost) Actually Better Cameras

Say, who remembers when I wrote about the Sony QX100 NFC-wireless-camera accessory thing? It was a cool piece of tech, but pretty limited, as first generations often are.

I remarked at the time that it would be an amazing piece of HERE IS MY MONEY PLEASE TAKE IT tech if, instead of it being a point-and-shoot system, it offered a real sensor and an interchangable lens mount.

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Hi, Twitter.

It’s time we had a bit of a talk.

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